How to Rock a Phone Interview

Let’s face it phone interviews are a challenge! It is difficult to know if you are communicating effectively without being able to see your interviewer.  Katie from Millennial on the Move has some great tips for acing that phone interview.   Here are just a few highlights:

Location, location, location!

You want to make sure you are in right spot for that interview! What does that mean? Make sure you are in a place with no distractions or background noise.  If you are going to be using your cell phone make sure it is in a place where you get a strong signal.

Research the company

Research the company you are interviewing.  Knowing more about the company will help you write some questions to ask prior to the interview. The good thing about a phone interview is you can have your cheat sheet of information and questions in front of you when you are interviewing.

Listen first. Then talk.

The interviewer will set the stage for the interview. They will talk about the general history of the company, the expectations for the position and any challenges. Take notes so you are able to respond later.

When we are in front of someone, we can send and receive visual cues. On the phone, we must make a good impression purely with our voices. Smile when you speak –it makes a difference!

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By: Katie

Foreword by: Jennifer Hudson